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The Reason Why I Love David Gaider

So, it's been a while but I feel the need to rant today after reading a comment made about my favorite game series, Dragon Age. To summerize the game, or more correctly, the second game, it takes place over 10 years in a city known as Kirkwall where you play as Hawke, the Champion of the city. You fight your way through Qunair, Templars, Blood Mages and Demons up until the very end and along the way you can have Romances within the story. And among these Romances, you are entitled to have a relationship with ANYONE  of your companions, unlike in the First game, Dragon Age: Origins where there were two straight choices and two bisexual. Well, in Dragon Age 2, you can have a relationship with anyone, boy or girl, no matter the sex of you chose to make Hawke. This is a problem for some gamer apparently since they cannot handle not pressing the GLOWING YELLOW HEART CONVERSATION ICON which indicates that you're going to FLIRT with said companion, thus opening the possiblilty for a relationship.

Of course, this is not clear enough for everyone compared to the old system where you had to guess if you were going flirt with a character simply by the dialoge. So, one gamer took it upon himself to right this wrong upon the Bioware Forums and of course, David Gairder, the writer for Dragon Age 2, replied. To put it short, he simply said that not every gamer is straight or male, so there's options. I'm not going post the whole comment but man, after reading it I have a new respect for David Gaider. The man has my support not matter how much he gets flamed for it.

If Life Were a VideoGame...

I'd be a much happier camper right now.

It's been a while since I've updated; exams, snow, and friend problems have been keeping me occupied lately and my writing has suffered greatly. Ideas and modivation are very fleeting. Hopefully my new classes will give me some inspiration to write. It's at times like these that I wish life were a videogame, especially since I currently suffer from some sort of virus. If this were a videogame, I could simply take a potion or antidote to be back to tip top shape, but no, this is there real world were I must suffer from horrible tasting medicine and dehydration. What makes it worse, is that I've been too dizzy to be able to play any videogames without wanting to vomit. Luckily, my fever has gone down and my migrain has also gone. Maybe I'll try to write something later to get out some pent up energy.

Too Much To Do With So Little Time

Today's already showing to be a joy: my Shinto Shrine project is coming along well, I'm isolated from any other human being, and I have to gather a portfolio together of my best work to show a teacher for my recominadation to the Fine Arts Center. It's always fun waiting until the last minute to do things.

Atleast the Fine Arts Center teacher for creative writing is very laid back and focuses more on the one-on-one interview rather than the work at times, sad part is I have no communication skills. -_-

As for any writing, I've got a little angsty fic in mind to let out my fustrations and hopefully it won't suck as much as I have a feeling it might.

Ever Have The Earge To Kill Someone?

This week certainly has been just "fun." Couldn't get anything done as I had hoped and worse of all, I yelled at my friends for no reason. *sigh* Some times I wish I could just hide in my room and play videogames without the world constantly asking things from me. Luckily, I've recovered from my breif slip into maddness and have ideas on the brain, so that should help get me through the next week, then it's winter break. Maybe when I'm away from the hell hole that has become my school I can focus on writing and get SOMETHING done. Gods know I have enough to be writing with Christmas closing in. T_T
The weekend went over well, as did my first post on this site and Fanfiction.net I believe. Got one of my projects done for school, now all I have to do is get to work on the other before next Monday. Luckily I have no life so that'll be done easily. Also, Saturday I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my mom and a few family friends; it was definantly worth the headache afterward. XD If I hadnt been so tired I would have been up half the night with my viola practicing my concert and pleasure music, along with the music I promised a few more friends for Christmas.

In other news no one'll probably care about, I've got my next fic planned, though I have yet to start on it. After that though, things will slow down because I have three fics to write up and edit for a Christmas present for my best friend before the 25th and I have yet to do any. Hopefully I can post those as they come if she let's me, if not I'll try to multi-task and get some more of my own fics out of the way on my list of things to do. ^_^

Also, Im in the hunt for more sheet music to add to my collection so if anyone who might read this knows where I can get some Bioshock sheet music for violin, I'll be in your debt forever!

This Broken Wing

Title: This Broken Wing

Characters: Angeal/Zack

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,397

Summary: It took everything for Angeal to leave Zack, and he wonders how he could ever be considered anything but a monster.

Warning: Sadness, slight foreshadowing character death, and the manipulation of a quote to my own liking to go along with the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings mention, I’ve only forced them out to play.

A/N: This was done during a surge of sudden idea creativity and I figured it’d be a good start off, so hope you enjoy!



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Music and Christmas Shouldnt Mix

Holidays are coming around already and I'm already swamped with things to do before the 25th. School has gotten hecteck with a total of 2 projects, a writing porfolio and the dreaded Christmas concert coming within the next two weeks. Not to forget a test or two before break. I use to love Christmas music as a child, I still do, just not when I must play it. As much as I adore Orchestra and the viola the constant spew of the same music, arrangements of each varying, make me want to blow my brains out! The only barable peices are Hallaluha Chorus and Once Upon A December, both pieces from my childhood.

It's going to be a weekend of work and practicing, the only upside being that my mom got us tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for tomarrow night. My inner Orchdork is fangirling at the thought XD

Also planning on uploading a fic I finished last night and edited today, damn adverbs. It's sad and even made 3 of my friends cry at school. I'm not sure whether I should be proud or horrified that I made such a monsterous things.

Best Way to Start Anything Out...